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The Unexamined Parts of Our Lives: The suburban landscape paintings of Michael Ward

The Unexamined Parts of Our Lives: The suburban landscape paintings of Michael Ward

Michael Ward explained that he likes “depicting the things that we see every day and usually don’t pay much attention to – houses, storefronts, and urban scenes. It’s that unexamined part of our life.” Ward says that since he was a young boy, he has taken pictures of houses and aspects of the everyday landscape that interest him. That collection, from which he paints, continues to grow. Over the decades, his paintings reveal a layering of time.

a white house at dusk with balloons floating on mailbox

The Suburbs as Our Collective Human Experience: The landscape paintings of Ericka Sobrack

The suburban environment is a perfect place to start a story because “everybody can read it”, says hyperrealist painter Ericka Sobrack. “I think it’s the closest we can get to recognizing some sort of collective human experience.” Sobrack believes that the acceptability and common understanding of the suburbs allows viewers to take in the depth of her paintings more easily. Her visual narratives explore the isolation and loneliness of suburban life, the safety and threat within these spaces, and the instances that disrupt the American dream.

Suburban home in a desert landscape with palms trees and a prominent garage

The Experience of a Better Suburbia: The Suburban Landscape Paintings of Terry Leness

Terry Leness says she is “not necessarily looking for a better suburbia.” She is looking for the “life experience” that it reflects. Leness’ paintings skillfully capture an earlier era of suburbia, reminiscent of her childhood – reveling in the composition, simplicity, lines, and shadows. She loves the time invested in painting so realistically, but also imbues her titles with humor and irony. It is an important aspect and she thinks it triggers a connection with viewers. Leness hopes that painting everyday landscapes is a way to make them endure.

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