Below is an ever-evolving resource page for websites, podcasts, books and videos. Please send me links if you think they would be a good addition. Still being developed.

You Tube (this could really be endless)

The concept of place has changed TED, David Houle

Suburbs that don’t suck: not just bikes

France before and after building place

Antiracist architecture Charles Davis

Websites: for now

Strong Towns

UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies

Segregation by Design Also a podcast

Defying Gentrification and The Black Urbanist with Kristen Jeffers (Podcast and Substack)


Upzoned by Strong Towns

UCLA Housing Voice:   (Redlining Episode)

MultiFamily FreddieMac

Next City – also has a newletter

 99% Invisible:

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Land Matters

The Housing Problem – NYC

American Suburb: A Podcast on Gentrification and Migration

Gimme Shelter: Cal Matters

Housing for All

Beyond Housing.

Growth Machine: investigative journalism in Austin

Housing on commercial Strips

Why are Suburbs so Unwalkable

Ezra Klein Why is housing so expensive 9. Poor People and Beautiful Things

The rise of Single Family housing. New York times Daily podcast


There is no formula for place

Zoning Deregulation benefits

Why do those luxury apartments look so drab: